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Medical College Infrastructure

Infrastructure at IGMC& RI 

The Medical College is housed in a unitary campus near its teaching hospital with sufficient room for future expansion. It is currently having ground Plus four floors.
The Hospital is functioning in a separate block with 415 beds which is at present having ground + second floor and expansion is going on for further three-storey.
There are four hostel blocks each consisting of 104 rooms with 19 bath attached rooms and 85 double rooms which can be used for single occupancy also. A separate mess is available for hostel students.

The Medical Council of India has permitted to admit 150 students for MBBS and the institute is affiliated to Pondicherry University which is a Central University established under an Act of Parliament. The institute is having a very good library in 5 storey building with 5000 books at present and subscribing 28 Indian journals and 8 foreign journals and 40 computer terminals with internet facility. 

College Block
College building for 150 students per year is planned with most advanced laboratory equipments and in a very beautiful setting for the future doctors of this country. The building is planned as per MCI norms with an area of 3.38 lakh square feet built up area (5 storeys).Two more floors will be constructed to accommodate PG Course in future. As per the norms of MCI Library Block with five floors also a part of this building.
Ground Floor plan (Level-1)
Total Area including portico, open air theater = 6835 Sq.mts.
CG 1 --- Department of Anatomy - 1800Sq.mts
CG 2 --- Department of Biochemistry and Examination Hall - 1865Sq.mts
CG 3--- Library - 540 Sq.mts
CG 4--- Portico - 405Sq.mts
CG 5--- Lobby, Corridor, Toilets, Stairs, Cafeteria & others - 2225Sq.mts
First Floor plan (Level-2)
Total Area = 6330 Sq.mts.
CF 1 --- Department of Physiology - 1800Sq.mts. 
CF 2 --- Administration Section and Directors Office with Central Lab - 1000Sq.mts. 
CF 3--- Library - 505 Sq.mts. 
CF 4 --- Lecture Hall - 800Sq.mts. 
CF 5 --- Lobby, Corridor, Toilets, Stairs & others - 2225Sq.mts.
Second Floor plan (Level-3) 
Total Area = 5675 Sq.mts. 
CS 1 --- Department of Micro Biology - 1800 Sq.mts.
CS 2 --- Department of Pathology - 1145Sq.mts.
CS 3--- Library - 505 Sq.mts.
CS 4 --- Lobby, Corridor, Toilets, Stairs & others – 2225 Sq.mts.
Third Floor plan (Level-4) 
Total Area =6325 Sq.mts. 
CT 1 --- Department of Pharmacology- 1800 Sq.mts.
CT 2 --- Department of Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine- 1000 Sq.mts. 
CT 3--- Library - 505 Sq.mts. 
CT 4--- Examination Hall - 800 Sq.mts. 
CT 5 --- Lobby, Corridor, Toilets, Stairs & others - 2200 Sq.mts. 
Fourth Floor plan (Level-5)
 Total Area =6240 Sq.mts. 
Faculty rooms for Clinical Staff and Faculty ( Hospital Side)
Hospital Block
State of the art Hospital building with 750 beds initially (5- storey) over 5.09 lakh square feet built up area , to be increased to 1000 beds (8-storey) in the future. 15 Operation Theatres (O.Ts) with state of the art ICUs are a part of the initial stage. 18 Specialty Operation Theatres for six super-specialty departments to come up in the future.
Students Hostel - (4 in No.)
Four Student’s Hostel blocks have been Constructed. Each of the hostel building has total built up area of 4702 sq.mt. and is identical with G + 4 floor configuration. Two blocks are designated for "Girls" & the remaining 2 are designated for "Boys". Following is a brief outline of schedule of accommodation in each of the Hostel Blocks:-
Ground Floor - 932 sq.mts with provision for-.
  1. Main Entrance/ Portico.
  2. Waiting area, Office room & Warden's Flat,
  3. 3 Single Bed unit
  4. 15 double bed unit.
First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, Fourth Floor  - 895 sq.mts each with .
  1. Waiting Area & Lounge
  2. 4 Single Bed unit
  3. 17 double bed unit


Terrace -190 sq.mts. One reading room and One T.V. room have been provided.
In all the floors, two separate toilet blocks are provided.

Total 185 Students can be accommodated in one hostel. 4 such blocks, 2 each for boys & girls are proposed with provision to accommodate about 740 students .

Besides the above mentioned buildings the following buildings shall be taken up in the next phase:
Residential Quarters (7046 Sq.mt):
1.Professors- 11 Units
2.Associate Professors- 23 units
3.Assistant Professor- 32 units
4.Tutors/Demonstration- 9units
Besides these following provision will be made for Students Recreation:
2.Volley Ball Ground
3.Badminton Ground
4.Cricket Ground
Besides the above mentioned buildings, the following other buildings shall be taken up in the next phase:
Ancillary Buildings (493 Sq.mt)
  1. Secondary Sub Stations
  2. Central Workshop
  3. Gas plant
  4. Laundry
  1. Auditorium (1125 Sq.mt) 
  2. Mess Block (1876 Sq.mt) and 
  3. Land Development Works
In addition to the above building components, the following provisions/infrastructure facilities are made in this estimate and the same will be executed as and when required as per MCI requirements in a phased manner so as to obtain final approval from Medical Council of India.
  1. Internal Roads
  2. Horticulture works
  3. Street lighting
  4. Filtered water supply
  5. Internal sewer system
  6. Strom water drain
  7. Rain water harvesting system
  8. Compound wall
  9. Underground sump
  10. Centralized medical gas system and Nurse call system
  11. Fire fighting system
  12. Automatic fire alarm system
  13. Lighting conductors
  14. Telephone & Computer conduits
  15. Cricket Ground