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General Information

The department of FORENSIC MEDICINE is situated at the Fourth Floor of the College Building. There are three faculty rooms (one each for Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor), one room for the Tutors of size 15 sq. mt., and two demonstration rooms measuring 16 sq. mt. in size with a capacity for 80 students each, a library-cum-seminar room with accommodation of 30 sq. mt. area, containing several books and journals of Forensic Medicine. The department has a laboratory of 200 Sq. mt. area for examination of specimens, tests, Forensic histopathology, Serology, Anthropology and Toxicology and one preparation room. The main attraction of this department is its museum of size 175 sq.mt. area which houses 90 different types of weapons including prototype firearms displayed on a wooden board with glass front door, 152 different poisons arranged system-wise, 37 laminated wall hanging charts, skeletons and bones of different ages, 144 photographs, 41 models displayed on specially arranged tables, 28 mounted specimens, with 17 number of different catalogues.
The new Autopsy Block of size approx. 400 Sq. mt. area is under construction which is expected to be ready by the next year) is adjacent to the hospital on the eastern side. It will be a landmark for the college and the Union Territory of Puducherry. It will have facilities for two cold storage (six body cooling chamber each), for cadavers, ante-rooms, washing facilities, one demonstration room with an accommodation capacity of 50 students, with state of the art audio-visual aids, a waiting hall with attached toilet, office etc. The autopsy block will have two autopsy tables with video camera link to the demonstration room for students to observe post-mortem at one time. The autopsy block will have an open lawn and a landscape garden.
Objectives/ Goals/ Mission/ Vision of the Department:


(As per the MCI Recommendations in Gazette of India, May 17, 1997):
The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Forensic Medicine is to produce a physician who is well informed. He /she should also be capable of making observations and informing conclusion by logical deductions, to set enquires on the right track in criminal matters and connected medico legal problems. He /she should acquire knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence, and respect for codes of medical ethics.
At the end of the course, the student should be able to:
  1. Identify the basic medico legal aspects of hospital and general practice.
  2. Define the medico legal responsibilities of a general physician while tendering community service either in a rural primary health centre or an urban health centre.
  3. Appreciate the physician’s responsibilities in criminal matters and respect for the codes of medical ethics.
  4. Diagnose, manage, and also identify the legal aspects of common acute and chronic poisonings.
  5. Describe the medico legal aspects and findings of post mortem examination in case of death due to common unnatural conditions and poisonings.
  6. Detect occupational and environmental poisoning, devise measures of prevention of common poisoning, and deal with legal aspects, particularly pertaining to Workmen’s Compensation Act.
  7. Describe the general principles of analytical toxicology.


Skills :
At the end of the course the student should be able to:
  1. Make observations and logical inferences in order to initiate enquiries in criminal matters and medico legal problems.
  2. Diagnose and treat common emergencies in poisoning and manage chronic toxicity.
  3. Make observations and interpret findings at post mortem examination.
  4. Observe the principles of medical ethics in the practice of his profession. 
Integration Mission and Vision Of the Deparment:
The department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology shall provide an integral approach towards allied disciplines like Pathology, Radiology, Forensic Sciences, Hospital Administration, etc. to impart training regarding medico legal responsibilities of physician at all levels of health care.  Integration with relevant disciplines will provide scientific basis of clinical toxicology, e.g. medicine, pharmacology, etc.
Mission and Vision Of the Deparment:
To provide the following medico-legal services in the Union Territory of Pondicherry:
  1. Perform Autopsies on Medicolegal Cases sent for Post Mortem Examination by the Investigating PoliceOfficers and the Executive Magistrates.
  2. Medicolegal Examination and reporting of an injured person.
  3. Medicolegal Examinations and reporting of victims of sexual/physical offences.
  4. Medicolegal Examinations and reporting of alleged accused in a case of rape.
  5. Medicolegal Examination and reporting of drunkenness.
  6. Medicolegal determination of age from physical, dental and radiological examination.
  7. Medicolegal Foetal age determination.
  8. Medicolegal analysis of crime scenes.
  9. Toxicological analysis.
  10. Medicolegal Examination of skeletal remains etc.
Key Departmental Highlights:

Future Plans:
  1. The department plans to have Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programmes by inviting experts in the field of Forensic Medicine.
  2. The department also plans to run a teaching programme for casualty medical officers and medical officers posted in different parts of Puducherry regarding medico legal work.
Forensic Medicine Department
Vazhudavur Road,
Phone No.: +91-413-2277575
(Extension - 3055)
Fax No.: +91-413-2277289
Email ID: forensicigmcpondy@gmail.com