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Library Committee

A library committee has been constituted at IGMCRI with following duties and responsibilities,
Duties of the Library Committee,
  1. Making Policy decision regarding running of the Library.
  2. Fixing working hours of the Library.
  3. Finalizing specification for the purchase of furniture and other automation equipment of the Library.
  4. Finalization of foreign and Indian journal to be purchased.
  5. Purchase of books and journal either by the committee itself or by formation through library sub –committee which is to be constituted among the members of the library committee.
List of Members: 


Name / Details
HOD, Anatomy/Member
HOD, Physiology/Member
HOD, Biochemistry/Member
HOD, Microbiology/Member
HOD, Otorhinolaryngology/Member
HOD, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Member
HOD, Pharmacology/Member
Registrar/Member Secretary, Library Committee


Important Announcements:
A Book exhibition has been arranged for the benefit of students and faculty at the examination Hall of the college Building (Ground Floor) of IGMCRI from 20th December to 22nd December 2011. The timings will be from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. About Six booksellers/ publishers will display the latest medical books.
The heads of Departments are requested to select the books for their Departments and the list may be submitted to Director, IGMCRI on priority basis to finalise the books to be purchased for the ensuing academic year.
Annual report / activities for the year 2010-11:

Three meetings were held in the year 2011,

First Meeting held on 17.02.2010


  1. Purchase of books and journals.
  2. Finalizations of foreign and Indian journals.
Second Meeting held on 02.09.2010
  1. Fixation of Membership eligibility criteria for Users, Members, Outside Members.
  2. Rules and regulations for Internal Library Management.
  3. Working hours of the Central Library.
  4. Providing Internet and Xerox facility.
  5. Library Automation.
  6. Staff requirement for Central Library.
  7. Furniture requirement.
  8. Books and Journals to be purchased for 2011.
  9. Any other items.


Third Meeting held on 08.06.2011

  1. Utilization of the Library space.
  2. Issue of books to students.
  3. Outsourcing of photocopying, Printing etc.
  4. Furniture, Equipment, Shelves for personal belongings, Rubber mat, etc.
  5. Completion of toilet and water supply, and window mesh.
  6. Water purifier.
  7. Intercom and telephone facility.
  8. Any other matter with the permission of Chairperson.
Dr. G. Sivagnanam,
Library In-charge.
Professor & HOD, Pharmacology
Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute
(Government of Puducherry Institution)
Vazhudavur Road, Kathirkamam, Puducherry – 605009
Phone: 0413 -2276669
Email-id: cenlib2010@yahoo.com