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Governing Body

Governing Body:–
The Current Governing Body is mention Below:
Governing Body
Hon'blechief Minister, Govt of Puducherry
Secretary (Health),
Government of Puducherry
Secretary (Finance),
Government of Puducherry
Director of Health & Family Welfare Services, Government of Puducherry
Medical Superintendent,
Government General Hospital, Puducherry
Medical Superintendent,
Government Maternity Hospital, Puducherry
Deputy Director (Public Health), Puducherry
One Member nominated by Puducherry University
Director, IGMCRI , Puducherry
Member Secretary


  1. The composition of the Governing Body which shall be called the Board of Governors of the Pondicherry Medical College Society herein after referred to as the Board shall be as prescribed in paragraph VI of the Memorandum of Association.
  2. The Governing Body may co-opt from time to time for such period as may be deemed fit, representative of other organizations of institutions which may be concerned with the work of programmed of the Society and the individuals with special knowledge or interest in such work or programmed.
  3. The members nominated by the State Government shall hold office during the pleasure of the Government and at any rate shall not hold office for a period exceeding three years:Provided that-
    (a) The members appointed by virtue of their office shall cease to be members when the cease to hold such office; and
    (b) A member shall cease to hold office if he resigns or becomes of unsound mind or is adjudged as insolvent or is convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
Meetings of the Board
The Board shall meet as often as it is necessary but at least once in six months.
Resolution by circulation
  1. Any business which may be necessary for the Board to transact, may, if the Chairperson directs, be dealt with by circulation of papers under registered cover of the members for the time being in India at their usual address, and any resolution so circulated and approved by all the members by signing shall be as effectual and binding as if the resolution has been passed at a meeting of the Board.
  2. When any business is so referred to the members by circulation, a period of not less than 10 days shall be allotted for the receipt of replies from the members and such period is to be counted from the date on which the notice of business is issued.
  3. If a resolution is circulated, the results of the circulation shall be communicated to all the members.

Powers and functions of the Board
  1. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Board shall manage the Society and its Institute in such manner as to promote its objectives. It shall have full powers and authority to deal with all matters, things and deeds which are necessary and expedient to carry out the said objectives.
  2. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing powers, the Board shall have and shall perform the following powers and functions, namely:

    (a) the framing of Board policies to carry out the objectives of the Society;
    (b) to frame such bye-laws as they think essential for the regulation of the business of the Society;
    (c) to consider and sanction Budget Estimates;
    (d) to sanction expenditure in accordance with the financial bye-laws;
    (e) to invest the funds of the society in Nationalized Banks or Trustee Securities;
    (f) to borrow moneys on such terms and conditions as are deemed expedient;
    (g) to prepare and execute plans and programmes for the establishment of the Institute and other institutions and to carry on the administration and management after such establishment;
    (h) to receive grants and contributions and to have custody of the funds of the Society and to manage the properties of the Society
    (i) to prescribe and conduct course of study, training and research in different branches of health science for the advancement of learning and dissemination of knowledge in such branches with prior approval of the State Government;
    (j) to prescribe rules and regulations for the admission of students to the various courses of study in conformity with the policy approved in this behalf by the State and the Central Governments;
    (k) to prescribe rules and regulations for and to hold examinations and declare the results and award Diplomas / Certificates for courses other than those for University Degree and in respect of the latter to make all such arrangements as it may be required to do by the statutes, ordinances and regulations of the University / Council which grants affiliation / recognition to the Institute.
    (l) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships, prizes and medals;
    (m) to provide for and supervise the residence, health, discipline and well being of the students of the Institute;
    (n) create posts and regulate recruitment of staff of the society and its institutions;
    (o) to enter into an agreement or contract with any Government or local authority to obtain from such Government or local authority any right, privilege or concession effectually or other for purposes of carrying out the objects of the Society;
    (p) to draw, accept , endorse, discount, execute, assign, issue and otherwise deal with cheques, hundies, drafts, certificates, receipts, Government securities, promissory notes, bills of exchange or other instruments whether negotiable or not for the purpose of the Society;
    (q) to prescribe the courses of studies at the Society, add or omit any course thereto or therefrom;
    (r) to pay all costs and expenditure incurred for the promotion, establishment and registration of the Society;
    (s) to co-operate with any other organization in the matter of education training and research in Medical Science;
    (t) to enter into agreements for and on behalf of the Society;
    (u) to sue and defend all legal proceedings on behalf of the Society;
    (v) to appoint committees for the disposal of any business of the Institute or for tendering advice in any matter pertaining to the Society;
    (w) to delegate to such extent as it may deem necessary any of the powers to any office or committee;
    (x) to make, adopt, amend, vary or rescind from time to time, bye-laws for the regulations, of, and for any purposes connected with the management and administration of the affairs of the Society and for the furtherance of its objects;
    (y) to make, adopt, amend, vary or rescind from time to time, bye-laws:-

                                          (i) for the conduct of the business of the Board and the committee to be appointed by it or by these rules;
                                         (ii) for delegation of its powers;
                                        (iii) for fixing the quorum, or
                                        (iv) for the co-option of members of the Board

    (z) to do all other acts and things either along or in collaboration with such other organization or person, as the society may consider necessary incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objectives or any of them.

  3. The Chairperson of the Governing Body shall exercise such of the powers of the Board of Governors in case of emergency, subject to ratification of the Governing Body, later.
  4. The Vice- Chairperson shall preside over the General Body and Governing Body meetings and shall discharge the duties and responsibilities of Chairperson in his absence.