Grab your Easter Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X this Year

Pet Simulator X is a fun and exciting game that allows players to collect and train virtual pets. During the Easter event, players can obtain an exclusive Easter-themed hoverboard. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to obtain the Easter Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X Hardcore Mode.

Step 1: Play in Hardcore Mode To obtain the 2023 Easter Hoverboard, you must be playing in Pet Simulator X Hardcore Mode. If you’re not already in Hardcore Mode, you can switch by selecting “Hardcore” from the game mode options.

Step 2: Go to Easter Island Head to the new Easter Island area by entering the Obby Course platform in the Spawn World. Once you’re on Easter Island, look for the Bunny Hut with the blue door.

Step 3: Complete the Quests To unlock the door and obtain the Easter Hoverboard, you must complete two quests:

Quest 1 – Break 200 Easter Coins: You need to find and destroy 200 Easter Coins scattered throughout the various Worlds in Pet Simulator X. The Spawn World and Tech World are recommended locations to find these coins.

Quest 2 – Break 30 Cracked Easter Eggs: Look for cracked or half-hatched eggs with pink Coins inside them. These are the Eggs you’ll need to break. They can also be found in the Spawn World and Tech World.

Note: Breaking all Easter-related items quickly should make the game spawn the Coins and Eggs faster.

Step 4: Unlock the Door and Get the Hoverboard Once you have completed both quests, return to the Bunny Hut with the blue door. The door will be unlocked, and inside, you’ll find the Easter Hoverboard waiting for you.

In conclusion, obtaining the Easter Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X Hardcore Mode requires completing two quests: breaking 200 Easter Coins and 30 Cracked Easter Eggs. These items are scattered throughout the game’s various Worlds, so it may take some time to collect them. Keep smashing and searching, and soon enough, you’ll be cruising on your new Easter Hoverboard!