How did Charles Stanley die? What happened to Pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta?

Beloved pastor of Atlanta church, Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley has sadly passed away on 18 April 2023, he was a renowned pastor, author, and founder of In Touch Ministries. Dr. Stanley has touched the lives of many with his powerful messages of faith and hope.

His passing has come as a shock to many, and the outpouring of condolences and prayers from all over the world is a testament to the impact he has made. Keep reading the article to know more about Charles Stanley, his life, and the cause of death.

Who was Charles Stanley? Know more about the senior pastor at First Baptist Church Atlanta

Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley was a legendary figure among pastors, broadcasters, and authors. For over five decades, he served as the senior pastor at First Baptist Church Atlanta, where he oversaw a period of tremendous growth for the historic church. As the 16th pastor of the church, Dr. Stanley took up the mantle of leadership in 1971, and his ministry there lasted more than half a century.

With his leadership, FBA quickly became a spiritual home for tens of thousands of people from all walks of life across the metro area. Despite his recent passing, Dr. Stanley’s legacy as a renowned Christian leader will continue to impact countless lives for many years to come.

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Married life:

Dr. Charles Stanley, had a very public personal life, unlike any other SBC president before him. It all started when his wife Anna filed for divorce in 1993, which was a shock since they had been married for 44 years. Although they reconciled briefly, their marriage ultimately ended in 2000. Unfortunately, Anna’s health began to decline, and she passed away in 2014 at the age of 83 due to pneumonia and other health issues. Through it all, Dr. Stanley remained a stalwart leader, continuing to inspire and lead many people toward a closer relationship with God.

More about his career:

Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley has been a blessing to many around the world through his In Touch ministry. His messages have been broadcasted on numerous television and radio stations, and satellite networks in over 150 countries, making it possible for countless individuals to hear and receive the gospel.

In 2007, the ministry took a step further by distributing pocket-sized solar-powered audio devices that contain the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and some of Stanley’s sermons in various languages. The devices have been widely distributed to soldiers and for mission efforts worldwide. In 1986, Stanley appointed Barry McCarty as the chief parliamentarian for the annual meeting.

McCarty, was former Church of Christ minister and current Baptist professor in Georgia, has held the position for many years, proving to be an invaluable asset to the meeting. The dedication of both Stanley and McCarty to their respective roles is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the Lord’s work. Stanley is survived by a daughter, Son, Becky, and three grandchildren.

How did Charles Stanley die? What happened to Pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta?

Dr. Stanley sadly passed away at age of 90 on 18th April 2023, has shared with his family member that he passed away peacefully at his home. No exact cause of death has been revealed in the post, we respect the privacy of his family in this difficult time and hope more details on his death will be shared with time.

Social media updates:

Many tribute has been extended to the legendary soul , First Baptist Atlanta has shared a tribute on its official Facebook page; “Dr. Charles F. Stanley, beloved Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Atlanta, passed away peacefully this morning at home. We are forever grateful for his enduring legacy of faithful leadership and spiritual guidance as Senior Pastor of First Baptist of Atlanta for over 50 years.”

Gerald Wolfe a fried of Dr. Stanley has shared a post, “

Earlier today, I received the news that Dr. Charles Stanley passed away at his home, early this morning. My friend is now having a GREAT day in the literal presence of The Lord he has so faithfully taught others about for so many years. His faith has become sight!”

While his physical presence may be gone, his spirit and teachings will continue to live on through those who have been touched by his ministry. Words cannot express the sadness that we feel for his family and loved ones during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Stanley, and may your legacy continue to inspire generations to come.

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  1. I’m soooo sorry for the loss of this AWESOME man of God. He inspired so many including myself. He was and is loved and will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. Hes with the almighty one now.. R.I.P

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