How did Helen Smart die? What happened to the Olympic swimmer?

On August 15, 2023,Helen Smart, a swimmer who represented the Great Britain team in the 2000 Sydney Olympics passed away unexpectedly at the age of 43. After retiring from her swimming career, she had been working as a school principal in recent times.

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Who was Helen Smart?

Helen Smart was an excellent swimmer, especially in the backstroke. She was part of Team GB in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when she was known as Helen Don-Duncan. Before that, she won a bronze medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur and got silver medals in the World and European Championships. After her swimming days, Helen stopped and became the leader of Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School in Wigan.

How did Helen Smart die?

Right now, we don’t know why she died and information is not disclosed yet, but according to the New York Post, her family and friends have said that her death happened suddenly.

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Tributes on social media

Her husband has written a message for her school students ”He wants them to keep learning and do their best. He says they should learn from their experiences, enjoy life without regrets, take many pictures, create good memories, and always have a happy smile, just like Helen did”.

Sharron Davies, who is known for being a great athlete and winning awards, has said something sad. She used to enjoy talking to Helen Smart and liked her big smile. Helen was very strong in competitions. People are saying nice things about her after she passed away.

Shahana Knight said, “I feel really sad to find out today that Helen Smart, who was the Head Teacher at Worsley Mesnes, has passed away suddenly. Helen was the third Head Teacher to use my special way of teaching, and we worked closely together. She really motivated and encouraged me a lot.” ♥️

Rock Kidz expressed their sadness and sympathy for the family and friends of Helen Smart. ”She was a great friend, a fantastic mother, an excellent school principal, and even an Olympian. Helen was also a huge source of inspiration for everyone at Rock Kidz. We will really miss her when she’s not here”.

In a tragic turn of events, Helen Smart, a former accomplished swimmer for Team GB in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, passed away at the age of 43 on August 15, 2023. Renowned for her prowess in backstroke swimming, she had also earned accolades in international competitions, including silver medals in World and European Championships. Following her retirement from swimming, Helen transitioned into a role as a school principal.

Her unexpected demise has left her family and friends in shock, though the exact death cause not disclosed right now. Share your feedback and condolences in comments below.