How did Nick Chenier die? Who is Jen Chenier?

On May 5th, 2023, the Chenier family suffered a devastating loss as their son, Nick Chenier, passed away shortly before turning 21. Nick was an industrious worker employed by a hedge-trimming company located in Manotick. The community has been deeply affected by this tragic event, grieving the loss of a young individual who showed great promise and had a bright future ahead.

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Who was Nick Chenier? Know more about him

Nick Chenier was the eldest son of the Chenier family and was soon going to turn 21 years old. He was actively involved in the community and worked in a hedge trimming business in Manotick. Nick was known for his strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment to providing quality service. He was well-liked by colleagues and clients for his friendly demeanor and positive attitude.

How did Nick Chenier die? What was his cause of death?

Nick Chenier’s tragic passing was the result of a workplace accident. While engaged in his duties for a hedge trimming company, Nick inadvertently came into contact with an underground hydro wire that had become obscured within the hedge due to its overgrowth. The electrical shock caused by the wire resulted in Nick’s untimely death.

Emergency personnel and the medical professionals at Queensway Carleton Hospital’s emergency room promptly responded to the incident, but despite their best efforts, they were unable to revive Nick. 

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Who is Jen Chenier?

The fundraiser page stated that Jen Chenier is the single mother of Nick and Michael Chenier. The page also mentioned that Jen does not have access to employment benefits, and the fundraiser is crucial in providing financial support to help Jen navigate the challenges ahead.


Following the devastating tragedy, a GoFundMe page has been created to offer assistance to the Chenier family. The campaign seeks to raise funds to alleviate the burden of unforeseen funeral costs and provide financial aid for counseling services and additional resources that will aid the family in dealing with the profound grief they are experiencing.

Social media condolences for Nick Chenier

Brenda Tessariol-Smith expressed her grief over the tragic death of her nephew Nick in a Facebook post. She mentioned that a Go Fund Me page had been initiated by her sister’s friends (referring to Jennifer Chenier) to assist with the funeral expenses. Brenda requested support from the community on behalf of their family and expressed gratitude in advance.

Chantal Maher expressed her condolences to the Chenier family in a Facebook post, stating that it was “so tragic!!”

Nick Chenier’s passing has left the community in mourning. He was a hardworking individual with a promising future ahead. The GoFundMe page has been created to support his family during this difficult time.

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Who is Nick Chenier?

Nick Chenier was the eldest son of the Chenier family, known for his dedication and work ethic in a hedge trimming business.

Who is Jen Chenier?

Jen Chenier is a single mother of Nick and Michael Chenier, in need of financial support due to this unforeseen tragedy.

How did Nick Chenier die?

Nick Chenier tragically died in a workplace accident after unintentionally contacting an underground hydro wire within an overgrown hedge.

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