How did Tomaso Schena the Haverhill artist die?

Tomaso Schena, an artist from Haverhill, passed away on May 5th, as indicated by social media posts. Schena was widely recognized for his artistic abilities and distinctive artistic style, which left an enduring impact on the local community. Through his unwavering passion for drawing, he developed meaningful connections with numerous individuals, leaving a lasting and positive impression on all those who had the opportunity to engage with him. 

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Who was Tomaso Schena? Know more about him

Tomaso Schena was an artist who was originally from Plaistow and lived in Haverhill. He was recognized as a highly skilled artist who dedicated his life to drawing. According to reports, Schena received guidance from his grandfather at a young age, which nurtured his love for drawing, and he continued to pursue his passion throughout his life.

His artistic approach involved visiting various local areas such as restaurants and companies, where he would create portraits of the people he met. Through this process, he was able to improve his skills and develop new relationships within the local community. Schena’s artwork was also exhibited in many restaurants and businesses across Southern Rockingham and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

How did Tomaso Schena die? What was his cause of death?

Tomaso Schena, an artist hailing from Haverhill, passed away on May 5th, according to social media posts. The cause of his death has been rumored to be complications from diabetes, although official confirmation regarding the cause of his passing has not been released by the family. 

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Social media condolences for Tomaso Schena

Toby Minkovitz Curtin expressed her grief over Tomaso Schena’s death through a Facebook post. She wrote that Tomaso Schena was a talented artist who traveled on a bike to many places like the Nest Pub and Grill. Toby shared that she, along with Joe and Kelly, had the pleasure of meeting him at the Saddle Up Saloon, where he had just finished drawing a portrait for them. She further added that Tomaso Schena was a great, gentle soul who put a smile on everyone’s face.

Sharon Suzor took to Facebook to remember Tomaso Schena, expressing her condolences by saying, “RIP Tomaso Schena.” She mentioned that she had the privilege of meeting him at the maple sugar open house earlier this year.

Sharon shared that Tomaso had drawn portraits of them and others, capturing smiles on everyone’s faces. She emphasized that it was his own smile that had the power to bring out smiles in others.

The artistic community is in a state of mourning over the untimely departure of Tomaso Schena, an artist of exceptional talent. Those who were fortunate enough to know him are profoundly saddened by the loss. Tomaso’s infectious smile and his remarkable ability to bring joy to others through his portraits will forever remain cherished by all those whose lives he touched.

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Who is Tomaso Schena?

Tomaso Schena was a highly skilled artist from Plaistow who dedicated his life to drawing, creating portraits of people he met while visiting local establishments, and exhibiting his artwork in restaurants and businesses in Southern Rockingham and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

How did Tomaso Schena die?

The cause of Tomaso Schena’s death has been rumored to be complications from diabetes, but official confirmation has not been released by the family.