Lombard IL Shooting After A Fight: Active Shooter at Lombard Spring Fever Carnival

In a shocking turn of events, the Lombard Spring Fever Carnival was forced to shut down on Friday night, April 14th, 2023 after a fight had broken out, causing chaos and endangering the safety of those who were present.

It’s always disappointing to hear when an event meant to bring joy and entertainment is marred by violence. Here is more information about what happened at the event, who was behind the shooting, police investigation, and more from the people who witnessed the tragic event.

What happened at Lombard Spring Fever Carnival? Who was the active shooter at Lombard IL Shooting?

Earlier on Friday evening on 14th April 2023 at a tragic incident of shooting was reported at the Lombard Spring Fever Carnival, located near the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

The chaos was caused by multiple individuals who were involved in a fight, causing the disturbance and endangering the safety of innocent bystanders. The event was eventually shut down, as groups of individuals left the area but several others continued to cause disturbances in the area.

Police investigations latest updates:

On Friday evening, the Lombard Police attended the disturbance caused at the Spring Fever carnival located at Avenue and Roosevelt Road. Police presence is observed in the area and Lombard police are still investigating the incident at the Lombard Spring Fever carnival at Ave & Roosevelt Rd.

The safety and security of the public are of utmost importance and, it has been determined by the police that there is currently no active threat.

However, Active shooters who were behind the incident are still not disclosed, no injuries have been reported as on the post, and believe soon more information will be shared and strict action will be taken towards the individuals causing the threat.

We believe more updates will be provided once the area is clear, while The Lombard Police remain vigilant and committed to maintaining a safe environment for all.

The Lombard Spring Fever Carnival: More about the event

The Lombard Carnival is an event that has always been highly anticipated and cherished by the community, however, the 2023 event was marred by a horrifying shooting incident that left us all shocked and shaken.

Social Media updates:

People who were present at the event have been in a panic and many have shared their experiences of the incident.

Megan Kane shared a post on facebook, “Mom there was a shooting at the carnival I’m hiding inside rainbow cone” The panic. The fear.

Kathleen Murray shared, “Active shooter Lombard carnival. My son was attending the Carnival and a fight broke out over someone cutting in line. Shots were fire. Crowds all started running in panic. My son and his friend ran and jumped into the back of car to get away.”

It’s concerning that such behavior occurred at a family-oriented event, and it’s important that we work together to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. Despite the trauma caused, we remain grateful for the steadfast commitment of the first responders who helped ensure the safety of all those in attendance. In the aftermath of this tragedy, we stand together as a community, determined to support one another and overcome this devastating event.

While we don’t yet have all the details surrounding the incident, we can only hope that those involved are held accountable and that something like this never happens again. Share your feedback in the comments below.