Mariyah Green and Samya Green missing Oxford MS

Mariyah and Samya Green have been missing for over a week, last seen on May 23rd, 2023 around 11 pm in the area of CR 276, Oxford Mississippi. Families and friends are worried and waiting for any leads on their whereabouts.

Keep reading the article to know more about the case and the missing Mariyah and Samya Green.

Who are Mariyah and Samya Green? Know more about the missing teens

Mariyah Green and Samya Green are two teens who are 15 years old, they were residents of Oxford, MS. Not much information is available about the two young girls, they have been sadly missing and as per the latest updates currently Oxford police have been investigating the case.

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What happened to Mariyah and Samya Green? More about the incident

According to reports and Oxford police department notice, Mariyah Green and Samya Green have been missing since last night, last seen on May 23rd, 2023 around 11 pm in CR 276, Oxford.

Both 15-year-old girls were last seen in the area of CR 276, wearing distinct outfits, Mariyah was dressed in a black hoodie, tan pants, and blue shoes, while Samya was wearing black pants, a green shirt, and had her hair styled in a ponytail.

Are the girls found?

Many comments have been shared on the Facebook post shared by Oxford Police about missing of the two juveniles. Although a comment claims that she is about of the two girls and they have been returned home safe.

It’s unclear what might have happened to the girls, but we’re hopeful that they are found and had a safe return. Previously their family and authorities have urged anyone with information to contact them immediately. No confirmation of the found girls has been shared by Oxford police until the post.

Social Media updates:

Many people have shared the missing post by Oxford police that was shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The community has come together to spread the word and aid in the search efforts, but the mystery only deepens as days go by. It’s a concerning situation requiring serious attention, but let’s hope for a positive outcome soon. We hope both the girls are safe and in good health and hope they will be back home soon.