Playstation God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus is available now

God of War, the well-loved game franchise, has brought back its latest addition: the God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus (NG+) update. The game is a critically acclaimed third-person action-adventure set in Norse mythology. Its sequel called God Of War Ragnarök New Game Plus, which was released for the PlayStation 5, has kept gamers excitedly awaiting its release.

This game mode provides a tougher gameplay experience where enemies are harder to defeat, but the rewards are more significant. In this article, we will discuss the features of God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus and what to expect when you play.

What is God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus mode?

God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus is a game mode that allows players to replay the game from the beginning using the advanced equipment, abilities, and resources that were earned in their first playthrough. All armors, talismans, enchantments, and resources gathered in the first game can be carried over to the second round of play. The enemies of the game become harder to beat, with higher levels and more demanding combat. The New Game Plus mode enables the player to experience new cutscenes, and additional dialogues provide unique insight into the characters and story.

Changes to play God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus

God of War Ragnarök’s NG+ mode adds several exciting features, including new equipment, an increased level cap, and new Enchantments. Once you’ve beaten the game, you can dive right into an NG+ save to experience the story again, this time with many more gameplay options available from the start. Your equipment, weapons, and skills will carry over from your previous save, giving you access to your entire arsenal right from the beginning.

However, it’s important to note that areas requiring Sonic and Hex arrows or the Draupnir Spear to access will remain locked until you reach the point in the main questline in which they become available via the story. With NG+ mode, God of War Ragnarök offers players the chance to continue their adventure with new challenges and rewards to look forward to.

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What is new in God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus?

God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus added new skills and weapons available on your second run of the game. With the new gameplay mode, players can experience new challenges, more cinematic scenes, and more playable parts of the game than before.

New Equipment Introduced:

1.Armor of the Black Bear: Fans of God of War Ragnarök can now rest easy, requests to add Kratos’ cloak from the opening scene had been considered. While the cloak may not be included just yet, players can look forward to the Armor of the Black Bear in the upcoming game.

This armor will offer Kratos the necessary protection from the harsh Fimbulwinter frost, with a particular focus on strength and defense. Additionally, players will be rewarded for their evasive skills, as last-second dodges trigger a volley of Bifröst shards. Those embarking on a NG+ run will be pleased to know that the Armor of the Black Bear is already equipped from the start.

2. Spartan Armor: For those who seek a serious challenge in God of War Ragnarök, the Spartan Armor is here designed to test your skills and provide the toughest challenge possible. With no Perk, no Stats, and locked at Power Level 1, the Spartan Armor lets you take a more Spartan approach towards protection. This means stripping down your power to the minimum and leaving no room for error. However, if you simply desire the Spartan General look without sacrificing protection, you can transmog this armor onto another set.

3. Ares Armor: Ones who like God of War 2018 New Game Plus mode will be pleased to know that returning favorites in the form of the Ares and Zeus armors have been given a visual upgrade as well as new perks.

If you like the Ares Armor, which has the ability to drop Health Stones on hit, providing a much-needed boost to the player’s health. These returning armors are sure to please players looking for more intense gameplay and strategic advantages.

4. Zeus Armor: For those who seek the ultimate challenge and are willing to put everything on the line, the Zeus Armor is the ideal choice. With its exceptional capabilities, this armor set will greatly amplify your Melee and Runic abilities, elevating your damage output to unprecedented levels.

However, with this immense power comes great risk, one mistake could cost you dearly as incoming damage is also increased, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks that could quickly bring you down.

5. Spartan Aspis: God of War Ragnarök brings back the iconic Spartan Aspis, a shield that has been a symbol of Kratos’ heritage since the beginning of the franchise. This time around, the Aspis comes with a tighter Parry window, making it more challenging for players to time their defense. The Aspis has always been a vital tool in Kratos’ arsenal, and it’s exciting to see it return in all its glory, once again displaying Kratos’ heritage boldly in the upcoming game.

Advantages of playing God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus

Replaying the God of War game with the added difficulty of God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus has multiple benefits. It allows players to master their skills and perfect their gameplay techniques, which can be helpful in future playthroughs.

Also, it offers an opportunity to get better loot and find new items which they missed in the previous gameplay. Additionally, after completing a New Game Plus playthrough, players can return to the previous save so they can continue enjoying any available content left unfinished.

God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus is an amazing addition to the God of War franchise. It brings new levels of excitement and challenge to the game, while also providing opportunities for players to discover new experiences and items. Players who have already completed the game more times than they can count can come back for another run.

Therefore, the New Game Plus mode is worth it for both new and seasoned players alike. So gather your gear, sharpen your blades, and get ready for an electrifying gaming experience!


Will God of War Ragnarok get New Game Plus?

God of War Ragnarok get New Game Plus is now available.

What is the difference between God of War Ragnarok and New Game Plus?

God of War Ragnarok has the ability for players to adjust Kratos’ armor, allowing them to mix and match the appearance and stats of their gear. Additionally, the potential inclusion of cosmetic outfits in New Game+ mode will allow for even further personalization without affecting gameplay.

Is there a God of war ragnarok new game plus?

Yes there is God of war ragnarok new game plus which is now available with God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus (NG+) update