Scott Allison Jr 18-year-old teen from Cumbernauld died

On Saturday,12 August, another young person who passed away after a party at Glasgow’s SWG3 nightclub has been identified as Scott Allison Jr. He died after going to a 13-hour party in the west end of the city.

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Who was Scott Allison Jr?

Scott Allison Jr was 18 years old guy from Cumbernauld. Friends who were sad because someone they knew from Cumbernauld High School had passed away talked about him. They liked to call him ‘Buster’ as a nickname, he was a very kind and pure-hearted boy. He had just begun his own barber shop in a place called North Lanarkshire town.

How did Scott Allison Jr. die? Cause of death explained

Scott Allison, who is from Cumbernauld, got sick at Croy Train Station after leaving a club around 11:20 pm on Saturday. He was quickly taken to University Hospital Monklands in Airdrie, but he was declared dead shortly after. He died because of drug overdose.

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Current Police investigation

The police were told that a young person got sick around 11:20 pm on Saturday in a place called Constarry Road in Croy. The young person had been at a popular spot. They were quickly taken to Monklands University Hospital in Airdrie, but unfortunately, they couldn’t be saved and were declared dead not long after.

Around 2:20 am on Sunday, the police realized that another young person got sick, this time at SWG3. They were taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, but sadly, they also died shortly after. The police are saying that both deaths are linked to drugs, and they’re still investigating.

The police have confirmed that the deaths are connected to drugs. They also said that the two young people didn’t know each other, and there’s no proof to show that their deaths are related to each other also investigation is ongoing.

Tributes on social media

Scott’s family said this on Thursday: “We’re really sad that Scott, who was loved a lot by family and friends, has passed away. We want some alone time during this tough period and we appreciate everyone’s kind words.”

DJ Ben Hemsley, who was the main performer at the SWG3 event, said ”he was very sad and shocked after hearing about a terrible event. He performed on Sunday morning at SWG3’s Galvanizers Yard in Glasgow. He learned that two people had died. He said it’s difficult to express how sad he feels for the families and friends of those who passed away. The police are investigating the situation, and he asked everyone to be respectful and let the police find out what happened”.

Coatbridge High School’s principal, Christine Creaney, shared that ”everyone at the school is very sad about what happened to Marcus. She wants to express her heartfelt sympathy to Marcus’s family. Marcus was well-liked, had many friends, and was a good and important part of the school. The school is feeling very upset about this news, and they’re thinking about Marcus’s family and friends. The school will help its students during this hard time”.

A friend said: “We will always remember you in our hearts. Nobody will ever smile or laugh like you did. Rest peacefully, Scotty, and keep dancing.” Another friend added: “Soar high, Buster. You were a truly amazing young boy.”

In conclusion, Scott Allison Jr.’s passing is a very sad event that happened on August 12th. There was a long party at Glasgow’s SWG3 nightclub before this happened. Scott was only 18 years old and he was from Cumbernauld. His friends liked to call him ‘Buster’ as a nickname.

They remember him as a kind and pure-hearted person. He had recently started his own barber shop in a place called North Lanarkshire town. Unfortunately, Scott got sick after leaving a club and was taken to University Hospital Monklands. He died because of drugs, which is really tragic.