Texas Cheerleader Payton Washington Injured on Multiple Shots

Tragedy struck in Texas when two young cheerleaders were shot while on their way home from practice. Payton Washington, a high school senior on the cheer squad, was in critical condition and had to be airlifted to a hospital, while her teammate narrowly escaped with minor injuries.

The incident occurred when an argument broke out between the girls and Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., who allegedly opened fire on their car.

The cheerleaders were carpooling with two other girls from their gym, Woodlands Elite Cheer, when they accidentally entered the wrong car and encountered the gunman.

Payton Washington Injured Incident Explained

Tragedy struck tuesday when texas cheerleader mistakenly entered into the wrong car in a parking lot. According to reports, she thought she was getting into her own car, but instead found herself face-to-face with a gunman.

When she tried to apologize, the man pulled out a gun and began firing shots. Payton Washington got shot twice in the leg and back, leaving her in critical condition, while her teammate, Roth, was grazed by the bullet but managed to escape with minor injuries. 

Even the Lynne Shearer co-owner of woodland elite cheer company witnessed the ordeal, as the suspect fled the scene after shooting at the vehicle multiple times. Lynne shared some heart whelming information

In a statement to Fox News, Lynne said:

“She was born with one lung, so from the very beginning as a baby, she wasn’t even expected to survive, let alone excel in athletics, so she’s surpassed a lot of things already. She’s an icon in the world of all-star cheerleaders. I mean, definitely at our gym, but literally all around the country she has so many little kids look up to her.”

It’s a distressing situation for all involved – and the suspect has been charged with a third-degree felony. It’s a heartbreaking reminder that senseless violence can strike anywhere, even in the most unexpected of places. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

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