Till The End Of The Moon Episodes 17 and 18 Release Date and Time

Till the End of the Moon, a romantic Chinese fantasy series, has taken the world by storm since its April 6, 2023, debut. Its captivating storyline, stunning costumes, outstanding chemistry, and mesmerizing visuals have left viewers glued to their screens. However, the series’ stunning cast of actors and actresses has also caught the eye of many fans. 

In this article, we’ll look at the release date of episode17 and 18 of the highly anticipated drama “Till the End of the Moon”.

Till The End Of The Moon Storyline

Till the End of the Moon is a Chinese TV series that follows the journey of a character named Li Susu, who goes back in time 500 years and takes on the identity of Ye Xiwu. Susu’s primary objective is to stop the Devil God Tantai Jin from transforming into a demon by inserting six soul-slaying nails into his heart. Susu is married to Tantai Jin, a prince held captive, who will eventually become the demon lord and cause numerous deaths.

However, Susu’s mission becomes more complicated as she witnesses Tantai Jin’s past and his rise to power, causing her to rethink her plans.

Till The End Of The Moon Episode 17 and 18 Cast:

Tantai Jin is portrayed by Luo Yunxi, Li Su Su is played by Bai Lu, Ye Bing Chang is acted by Chen Du Ling, and Xiao Lin is portrayed by Deng Wei in Till the End of the Moon.

Episode 15 and 16: Recap

Till the End of the Moon episodes 15 and 16 have left fans on the edge of their seats with the intense battle scenes and emotional moments between Ming Ye and Sang Jiu. The romantic tension between the two characters is palpable, as they share some romantic moments while practising sword fighting. However, Lord Chu Huang’s disapproval of their relationship looms over them, and viewers are left wondering what will become of their love story.

The episodes take a dark turn when a fierce battle between gods and demons takes place, leaving Ming Ye at a disadvantage. Lord Chu Huang intervenes and uses his power to make everyone disappear, leaving Sang Jiu to worry about Ming Ye’s safety. Desperate to find him, she uses the divine power offered by Lord Chu Huang to travel through time and space to locate him. However, when she finally finds him, she is confronted with a shocking sight: Ming Ye has turned into a demon god who hates her.

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Despite the challenges they face, Sang Jiu remains determined to win Ming Ye back and return to her own time and space. Viewers are left with many unanswered questions and eagerly await the release of the next episodes to see what happens next in this captivating story. Till the End of the Moon continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline, stunning visuals, and unforgettable characters.

Till The End Of The Moon Episode 17 and 18: Where to watch?

Till The End Of The Moon’s episodes 17 and 18 will be available for viewing on several streaming platforms, including YOUKU, LINE TV, and Rakuten Viki. 

Direct link to watch Episode 17 on Daily Motion

Direct link to watch Episode 18 on Daily Motion

Till The End Of The Moon Episode 17 and 18 Release Date

The highly anticipated episodes 17 and 18 of Till The End Of The Moon have already premiered on April 12, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. in China. The show follows a release schedule of two new episodes every day from Monday through Thursday, each with a runtime of approximately 55 minutes.

The show has become a hot topic among audiences, and the release of episodes 17 and 18 is highly anticipated. The show is easily accessible to a broad range of viewers due to its availability on various streaming platforms.

Further, Till The End Of The Moon, highly anticipated 19th and 20th episodes of season 1 are set to be released on the 17th of April, 2023. With just a few days to go, viewers can look forward to thrilling twists and turns as the story reaches its climax. For those who have been following the series closely, this is certainly a date to mark on their calendars. As the countdown continues, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment in this captivating tale of love, loyalty, and hardship.

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Where can I watch “Till The End Of The Moon”?

Viewers can watch the show on streaming platforms like Youku, Line TV, and Rakuten Viki.

When are episodes 17 and 18 of Till The End Of The Moon coming out?

Episodes 17 and 18 of Till the End of the Moon have already premiered on April 12, 2023.

How often are new episodes of Till The End Of The Moon released?

New episodes of Till The End Of The Moon are released every Monday through Thursday, with two episodes premiering each day.