Why is Vijay Kedia famous? What are the total assets of Vijay Kedia?

When it comes to the Indian stock market, there are several names that come to mind. One of the most respected investors in the country is none other than Vijay Kedia. Many people are curious about this man and his wealth, which led us to wonder about his net worth.

In this article, we’ll dive into the life and achievements of Vijay Kedia and find out more about the total assets of this investing guru.

Who is Vijay Kedia? Why is Vijay Kedia famous?

is known as one of the most successful investors in the Indian stock market. He was born in Kolkata and started his career at the early age of 19 years, as a small trader in the late 1980s. He later moved to Mumbai, worked in a stockbroking company, and eventually started his own investment firm called Kedia Securities.

He has made a name for himself as a value investor, looking for good companies at low prices and holding his investments for the long term.

Why is Vijay Kedia famous? What are the total assets of Vijay Kedia?

Over the years, Vijay Kedia has earned a reputation as a self-made millionaire. His net worth is estimated to be around $115 Million as of 2023 (until the post), making him one of the wealthiest stock market investors in India.

His investment style and wealth have attracted the attention of people worldwide, with many looking up to him as a model for success. One of his well-known investments is his stake in Cera Sanitaryware Ltd, which has grown by over 100 times since he invested in it.

Another factor that has contributed to Kedia’s success is his focus on personal growth and development. He has a fine taste for reading and has been known to have an extensive library at his home in Mumbai. Despite his busy schedule, he makes it a point to read for a minimum of two hours every day. He believes that reading allows him to constantly learn and apply new knowledge to his investment strategies.

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Kedia is also passionate about giving back to society. He has set up a charitable trust called Vijay Kedia Charitable Trust, which aims to provide educational and medical help to underprivileged children, among other initiatives. His philanthropic work is just one of many examples of how he uses his wealth and influence to make a positive impact on the world.

Vijay Kedia Networth in 2023

Vijay Kedia is a prominent figure in India’s stock market scene, as the founder of Kedia Securities, one of the country’s largest stockbroking firms, he has gained extensive experience in the field of finance. His estimated networth is around $115 Million in 2023 as on the date of post.

Net Worth:$115 Million
Name:Vijay Kedia
Net Worth Estimated862 Crore INR
Estimated Monthly Income:5 Crore
Date of Birth:November 4, 1959
Profession:Wealth manager

In recognition of his achievements, The Economic Times has bestowed upon him the title of “market champion”. Additionally, he has been invited as a guest lecturer to the prestigious London Business School, where he shared his insights with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Vijay Kedia’s success is rooted in his dedication to learning and research. He emphasizes that in order to succeed, one must first acquire knowledge and understanding- only then can one begin earning. This philosophy has helped him develop a keen sense of the stock market, enabling him to make informed decisions for his business and clients.

Vijay Kedia is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian stock market, and it’s no surprise that his net worth reflects his successes. His dedication to personal growth, philanthropic efforts, and ability to invest in undervalued companies has made him one of the most respected investors in India.

Whether you want to learn more about the stock market or simply be inspired by his success story, Vijay Kedia is definitely worth exploring. We hope you have liked reading the article, please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

Which company owned by Vijay Kedia?

Vijay Kedia is a prominent figure in India’s stock market scene, as the owner and founder of Kedia Securities, one of the country’s largest stockbroking firms

What is the source of income of Vijay Kedia?

Trading in the stock market has been the major source of Vijay’s income, at the initial stage of his career he invested in three shares Atul auto, Aegis logistics, and Cera Sanitaryware which appreciated more than 100 times. He is also renowned keynote speaker and label as “market master”